Drinking oxygenated water on a regular basis will definitely improve your overall health. Following is the list of just few of health benefits of drinking oxygenated water.

Oxygen is also a necessary for human life. The human body absorbs the oxygen from the air through the lungs. From there, oxygen ultimately joins red blood cells in the blood stream where the cells carry the oxygen to be used throughout the body. Blood can absorb much more oxygen than can water.

Oxygen water is water that has been enriched with oxygen. It contains extra added oxygen as compared to other types of drinking water. Producing oxygenated water is a multistage process, in which, firstly the water is filtered to get rid of impurities. Charged active oxygen is then allowed to combine with purified water to produce water enriched with oxygen. Unlike energy drinks that often contain a lot of sugar and other chemicals, oxygenated water is a pure mix of water and oxygen, and nothing else. Drinking this water containing high levels of dissolved oxygen is said to provide plenty of benefits.

What is Oxygenated Water?

oxygenated water health benefits

oxygenated water health benefits

By increasing the atmospheric pressure around water, or bubbling diffused high-oxygen air through water, the level of dissolved oxygen in water will be increased. This is a measurable fact.

Benefits of Oxygenated Water

Naturally Promote Immune System

When you consume water that is oxygenated, your body basically gets filled with required proportion of oxygen. In addition to that it offers brilliant growing circumstances for the friendly bacteria that exist in digestive tract of the human body. One best advantage of presence of oxygen in the body is that disease causing pathogens completely gets destroyed. The germs and the microbes that give rise to congregation of infectivity die, however the ‘good’ bacteria do well in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Thus consumption of oxygenated body on a daily basis can facilitate fight and also avert infectivity by improving the overall body resistance capacity.

Boosts Energy Levels

Oxygenated water has numerous benefits that include combating certain types of cancers, improving energy levels, and avoiding pathogens, viruses, and bacterial infections. It also removes harmful toxins from the bloodstream that may cause serious health complications.

Promotes Aerobic Respiration

Cellular respiration, in which the cells derive energy from the food ingested, can be either aerobic or anaerobic. When cellular respiration occurs in the presence of oxygen, it is called aerobic respiration, and when it occurs in the absence of oxygen, it is called anaerobic respiration. Aerobic respiration is considered to be the most effective way to obtain energy from food molecules.

boost your energy levels

boost your energy levels

Lowers Risk Of Cancer

Cancer cells have the tendency to reproduce in an atmosphere where there is low- oxygen. On the other hand, by consuming oxygenated water on a regular basis, good proportion of oxygen is available at the cellular level, turning out to be extremely complex for cancer cells to endure. Hence our body may get protected from development of the malignancies due to oxygen-infused water.

Manages A Healthy pH Range

Hitting the accurate body pH balance is indispensable to stay healthy. Regular intake of wrong foods cuts down the body’s pH, generating an acidic atmosphere. Still, drinking oxygenated water promotes an oxygen-enriched alkaline atmosphere. This in turn assists to balance pH levels. This is because, besides consuming healthy foods, drinking this oxygen rich water supports pH compensates the acidic atmosphere generated by certain foods.